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Watch this space for the latest news about our current or completed work and services. If interested, you can view some of Kathryn's older posts in the archive.

  • Value of 'triple crown' accreditation:What does it mean to students? Read more.

  • Data preparation tips: Paul's handy hints on how to prepare your data for analysis. Read more.

  • Consumer protection law compliance: A round-up of Kathryn's session at Campus Insight 2019. Read more.

  • Promoting the value of HE: Are we missing a trick by focusing too much on digital? Read more.

  • British attitudes to HE: ​Do universities need more positive PR? Read more.

  • Marketing metrics: How to make sure your marketing measures up. Read more.

  • Inadvertent danger: Managing consumer protection law and minimising risk. Read more.
  • ​Why accreditation matters? Five reasons for the rise in Business School accreditation. Read more.

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