The Honest Marketer

Anglia Ruskin University 

"Following an institution-wide financial benchmarking exercise, we appointed Kathryn to conduct a value for money review of our marketing activities and to provide advice on future marketing metrics for the Department. We were very impressed with her final report, which clearly evidenced the impact of marketing against a range of competitors and provided a number of useful recommendations which we can and need to implement. We benefited greatly from her in-depth knowledge of the sector and advanced analytical skills."
Chris Chang, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Corporate Marketing International and Development Services (2013-2016)

"We appointed The Honest Marketer to support our offer holder conversion, to recommend new strategies to tap into offer holders needs and to increase the campaign appeal. The project also involved reviewing and extending key messages into a detailed message matrix that could be used across a variety of media. Kathryn’s extensive understanding of the sector and fresh approach gave us lots of ideas to incorporate into the campaign. Although we were not able to implement all of the recommendations, they informed and helped to revitalise the team’s thinking around the campaign. Kathryn was able to generate engaging copy from a variety of sources in very quick timelines. We were impressed with the quality of both the copywriting and the strategic thinking that informed the recommendations. It is great to work with an organisation who not only understands the challenges for marketing in the sector, but who provides a proactive and responsive service throughout the length of a project."
Jacqui Bullock, Assistant Director of Corporate Marketing, International and Development Services (2011-2015)