Desk research: ​​​​​We work with you to identify and gather available background information to demonstrate existing strategy, plans, performance and context. We then review objectives, practices, approaches and results with a view to improving future  performance, assessing information and any relevant analytics and market intelligence.​

Consultation & analysis: ​​​​​To secure institution-wide support and ensure future marketing reflects relevant concerns and priorities, we recommend you involve internal 'clients’ and partners, as well as your functional heads and key members of staff to uncover best practice and generate team-driven ideas.

Reporting & recommendations​​​: ​​The final report will include: executive summary; recommendations for future structure, resources and activities; and earmarks any achievable cost efficiencies, within the context of the desired strategic and operational requirements of the University and Department. You can choose to have an optional on-site presentation to senior leadership to highlight key findings and recommendations.

Marketing audit

Senior leadership teams want reassurances that marketing is effective and efficient. Kathryn's three-stage Essential Marketing Review acts as an impartial, confidential 'sense check'. Conducted sensitively at a Department or functional level, it identifies strengths and weakness in current structures, resources and activities, flagging up key issues for management consideration and recommendations to resolve them. The process can be used to identify staff training needs and skills gaps. 

Goldsmiths University of London

Goldsmiths approached Kathryn to provide an objective review of marketing resources, activities and plans. 

"The work Kathryn did for us has proved remarkably useful and I have been able to use many of the insights she provided. The review has already formed the basis of some initial structural changes and informed the process of subsequent recruitment. The team is more effective as a result of the feedback and guidance. They are doing some great work, so all in all it was a good investment for us."

Kieron Broadhead, ​Director of Student Experience & Academic Registrar

The Honest Marketer