Positioning, engagement & brand: ​​​​​We will distil your 'offer' into meaningful, targeted positioning and key messaging, which resonates with audiences, identifies distinctiveness and capitalises on competitive advantage.​​ She can work with you to instigate online, offline, f2f and social engagement strategies with all manner of external stakeholders and support the implementation of any tactical plans through content development.

Market development: ​​​​​From assessing market potential to recommending portfolio solutions and devising strategies to launch or expand, Kathryn has supported universities at subject-specific, course level and mode of study, most recently devising a post-92 university's online education strategy.
Recruitment & conversion: Before consultancy, Kathryn turned round declining student recruitment at Wolverhampton, Northampton and BCU. Since, she has assisted Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), Coventry, Wolverhampton and UEL to improve student numbers, raising interest and improving conversion.
Examples of past projects:Marketing strategy for UEL, Coventry, Wolverhampton and Halesowen College; Applicant conversion strategies for BCU, Anglia Ruskin University and UEL.


Her substantial senior leadership experience has equipped with Kathryn the knowledge and skills to develop innovative, evidence-based marketing, portfolio, student recruitment and customer engagement strategies. 

Coventry, Strategic Transformation 

The University commissioned Kathryn to review the market for online learning, providing guidance on entry strategy, making evidence-based recommendations on competitors, market potential, market motivations, product delivery and pricing.

"Despite a challenging, time-critical brief, Kathryn created one of the most comprehensive market research reports I have ever read. She provided us with the insight and commentary that will ultimately allow us to position ourselves with relevant messaging that will resonate with potential audiences whilst also being distinctive amongst our competitors." 

Andrew Cooney, Deputy Director, Marketing and External Affairs

The Honest Marketer