Engagement & CRM

Communications featured heavily throughout Kathryn's career. She has instigated and implemented online, offline, face to face and social media engagement strategies with all manner of external stakeholders. She has conceived and implemented CRM strategies and associated tactical plans with students, alumni, media, donors, parents, teachers and many more.

Market positioning
​​Kathryn has developed informed market propositions at institutional and Faculty/School levels. Her analytical and problem-solving skills combine with natural creative talent to capture and distil your 'offer' into meaningful, targeted positioning and messaging, which resonates with key audiences, identifies distinctiveness and capitalises on competitive advantage.

Market entry & expansion
​​From assessing market potential to recommending portfolio solutions and devising strategies to launch or expand, Kathryn enjoys identifying opportunities within any given market. She has supported universities at subject-specific, course level and mode of study, most recently devising a post-92 university's online education strategy.


Over 15 years in senior leadership positions as a Department Head/Director in three UK universities laid the foundation for Kathryn Jones' education marketing consultancy. She is adept at developing innovative and evidence-based marketing, portfolio, student recruitment and customer engagement strategies. 

Recruitment & conversion

Kathryn's 'Midas touch' turned around declining student recruitment at Wolverhampton, Northampton and Birmingham City Universities. As a consultant, she has assisted Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), Coventry University and the University of East London (UEL) to improve undergraduate and postgraduate student numbers, raising interest and improving conversion.