The Honest Marketer

Our values

Fairness & equality

As a small business, our corporate values go hand in hand with our personal values. Our goal is to make an honest living, carrying out work which we enjoy and can be proud of. We believe in doing the right thing, for our clients and the people they serve. We will provide an outstanding service and give our all to any job, no matter how large or small, at a price that is fair. There will be no hidden costs.


Within our personal and professional lives, we have and will always treat people with dignity and decency. We value individual differences and encourage respect and understanding for all. We will not tolerate prejudice of any kind.


We work hard, enjoy and take pride in what we do. We offer total commitment and absolute professionalism. We especially enjoy working with the education sector because we believe passionately in the benefits of education to enrich the lives of individuals, society and the world as a whole.


We really do aim to please. Our mission is to provide an outstanding service, one which regularly goes above and beyond to help the people, organisations and companies we work with succeed and be the very best they can.


Like any long-lasting and rewarding relationship, ours will be based on trust and understanding. We will be open and transparent in our actions and strive to work in partnership as one team. We will always listen to your feedback and, in the unlikely event something goes amiss, we will not stop until we have resolved things to your satisfaction.