The Honest Marketer


Never has understanding your competitive position, performance and customer needs been more critical. Our incisive research solutions get to the heart of difficult problems and provide practical solutions. Past primary and secondary research projects include: desk research and data analysis; developing and managing online market research surveys; running focus groups; and guiding future market research strategy. 

Research development: ​​​​​We can review your market research strategy, delve into a particular business issue or obtain insight from a specific stakeholder group. We offer advice on research outputs, benchmarking, KPIs, questions or topic guides for surveys/focus groups.​​

Delivery & analysis: ​​​​​We can free up your research teams by running surveys and focus groups directly. Alternatively, we can help speed up the process by undertaking the analysis and reporting of annual or ad hoc surveys on your behalf. We will help negotiate complex spreadsheets and pivot tables, turning data into insight and intelligence.​

Examples of past projects:  Competitor analysis and market entry analysis for Coventry University;  acceptance/decliner surveys and student focus groups for Wolverhampton University; perceptions research with all stakeholders at Wolverhampton, Northampton and BCU; visit day surveys for Anglia Ruskin; subject data analysis for Middlesex, Anglia Ruskin, East London and Wolverhampton.; and UCAS institutional feeder analysis for BCU.

Key feeder analysis 

Our UCAS data analysis will inform your outreach/student recruitment strategies. To target education liaison activities, Paul will identify feeders which offer the greatest potential based on past acceptance trends and/or current (or desired) entry criteria. He compares your subject market share with competitors, to highlight expansion opportunities and potential threats.

"Paul's research into school and college feeders detailed excellent information down to local levels within Faculties. We are now using this information in a much more targeted way to grow and develop contacts, creating rich progression opportunities for new applicants." 

Paul Glennon, ​Associate Dean, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design