The Honest Marketer

​Coventry University 

"Kathryn worked with us on an extensive content project across four academic faculties. To develop new course content from scratch, the project required detailed consultation with and ultimately buy-in from individual academic staff for every course. Given the scale of the University, this was no mean feat and Kathryn proved to be exemplary in her delivery, creating previously undiscovered exciting facts and points of differentiation. With the project now complete, I am confident that Kathryn’s excellent research and writing skills will not only differentiate us from others, but will give prospective students the information they require."

Andrew Cooney, Acting Deputy Director, Marketing Operations and Brand, Marketing and External Affairs

​​​Copywriting gallery

A selection of publications to illustrate Kathryn's versatility when it comes to writing: 

  • New programme promotion (Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts)
    Brochure and web copy for new Dance Foundation (view web or pdf)

  • Research Review (Coventry University)
    Researched, wrote and gained sign-off for Faculty's first Research Review (view pdf)
  • Rewriting undergraduate and postgraduate course website entries (Coventry University)
    Researched, wrote and gained sign-off of 250+ courses (view web or sample courses pdf)
  • Promoting pre-degree preparation and progression courses (ONCAMPUS)
    Research and copywriting for various online/offline marketing materials (view pdf)
  • Enhancing reputation and profile, University of East London (UEL)
    Identifying key facts, figures and compelling content for future publications (view pdf)
  • Executive education programme launch 2014, Regent's University London
    Brochure to target family businesses with a new leadership programme (view pdf)