The Honest Marketer

​​​Audits & reviews

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)

ARU approached Kathryn to conduct an audit of the marketing department, following an institution-wide Tribal financial benchmarking exercise. The exercise included a detailed evaluation of marketing communications spend and an assessment of overall value for money. The review led to a number of recommendations regarding the structure and allocation of resources within individual teams, as well as activities being undertaken with recommendations for future strategy, tactics, measurement and evaluation.

"We were very impressed with Kathryn's final report, which clearly evidenced the impact of marketing against a range of competitors and provided useful recommendations, which we can /need to implement. We benefited greatly from her in-depth knowledge of the sector and advanced analytical skills."

Goldsmiths University of London
​A restructuring within the Marketing Department had created a new (vacant) senior level supporting role which, coupled with additional staff changes, provided leeway within the current resource. To ensure the available resource was used to best effect going forward, Kathryn provided an objective review of the resources and a sense check of current activities and plans. After desk research and on-site interviews with functional heads, she produced a comprehensive appraisal of performance and structure/resource recommendations.

"Kathryn brought her wealth of experience and an objective eye to her review of our marketing and recruitment function. By getting under the skin of what we're doing, she was able to provide valuable insights and realistic recommendations, standing us in good stead to take the work of the team forward. Her professional but friendly approach makes her easy to work with, and gets great results."