​​​10 key attributes

Relevant programmes: Brilliant business schools prioritise ongoing feedback and engagement with students, alumni, businesses and professional bodies to ensure their courses remain relevant and appropriate to employers. More

Effective teaching: 
Teaching faculty are experts in their field; most continue research or consultancy, maintain professional links, incorporating the latest research findings, news and industry trends into the curriculum. More

Impactful research:From developing the latest business theories or new financial models, to analysing corporate behaviour and practices, research in the best business schools impacts the ways in which we live and work. More

A global education: The best schools offer international experiences, a global perspective and the multicultural mix of learners and instructors helps students appreciate different cultures and diverse backgrounds. More

Engaging learning: Often incorporating the latest education technology, the best business schools continually look for exciting ways to learn - from quizzes and problem-solving, to real-life business projects and case studies. More

Outstanding facilities:Students have access to the best support and learning facilities, offering hands-on experience of industry-standard equipment and the same business software used when graduates start work. More

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​​Connections with industry:Being well-connected with professional bodies and potential employers enables the best schools to develop new programmes, partner on research and promote student and graduate talent. More

In-demand graduate skills: Partnerships in public, private and third sectors ensures their business education responds to change, equipping graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for successful careers. More

Preparing graduates for global careers:The best business schools recognise the potential to work all over the world, giving students the chance to study and work abroad, where many of their graduates do just that! More

Responsible business education:The best business schools believe that every individual business - including themselves - should strive to be the best they can be to make a positive difference to society, the economy and environment. In their role as a 'global citizen', they foster collaboration among businesses and organisations to tackle society's biggest issues and challenges. More