The Honest Marketer

Clearing 2015

​Engagement tactics

​Students were encouraged to engage any time, any place and anywhere. Hotline hours were extended: Teesside's 24/7, while Coventry's social media team worked through the night on results day; Keele and Sheffield Hallam opened their lines at 6.30am; and, like many, Canterbury Christ Church remained open till 10pm. A new feature on many websites, including those of Aston, Bolton, Bradford and Leeds Beckett, was request a call back. Bolton and Bradford also provided immediate live chat (during office hours at least), which was clearly signposted. Many, like Chichester, Sussex and Cardiff, offered the opportunity to sign up for email alerts to send through notifications of vacancies as soon as they arose. Newcastle's weekly Clearing emails were my favourite with their bright, colourful, consistently branded designs and helpful information, as well as the friendly 'good luck' email from Aberystwyth the day before results.