​​​​Top web techniques used to showcase Clearing continued.... 

Responsive design:Winchester's web incorporated the popular card-based (or grid system) of design, which neatly resizes columns and gives flexibility to feature lots of links.

Visual appeal: Greater emphasis was placed on colour consistency, bright or subtle, and bold typography. Clean and simple by Teesside and Salford, striking for Bolton. Large, vibrant images displayed picturesque campuses and photogenic students. The rich colours and images on Wolverhampton's site were beautiful, while the cute animals featured by Bishop Grosseteste's were sure to raise a smile. Bucks New University managed to stand out with a banner image featuring the word 'ambition' crafted from images of course-related equipment.

Better than the rest: Leeds Beckett had everything you'd expect and more: huge banner; live chat; striking animated design; infographics; UCAS points calculator; interactive student city guide and a 'Beckett Uni-U generator' game, which you can then share on social media (along with facebook covers and a badge) as part of the #BeBeckett campaign.

The Honest Marketer