​​​​​​​Clearing 2015

The top web techniques used to showcase vacancies.  

Easy navigation & signposting:UCLan's pop-over used cookies to take repeat visitors back to the Clearing landing page, while Chichester's home page was dominated with multiple rotating banners and action buttons. Cardiff Met's transparent bottom notification bar displayed its Clearing hotline number and Bradford and Cumbria's bold designs grabbed attention.

Calls to action: Again obvious, but many sites had no visible number despite changing opening hours. Cardiff, Canterbury Christ Church and Anglia presented information clearly and cleanly. The biggest and boldest phone number went to Cardiff Met, followed closely by Bolton and Canterbury Christ Church.

Multiple communications channels: Flexibility was a theme across websites, promoting everything from twitter feeds (Bedford) and social media hashtags (Bristol and Bournemouth) to live chat (Birmingham City) and traditional open days. UCLan's 'tagboard' for #TheUCLanExperience was particularly impressive.

The Honest Marketer