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Facebook attitudes to HE
On September 20, I launched two week-long polls within my Facebook network of friends and peers from my home town of Kettering to test current opinions of university as a route to successful careers. I focused on the career angle since research proves time and time again that this is the main motivating factor when choosing HE. While not the most scientific research, the results did confirm my suspicion that the many benefits of HE are being overshadowed by cost concerns and widespread ignorance of the long-term value of a degree. Accepting that university is not for everyone, there is still a clear need for greater awareness-raising that extends beyond the enquirers who are already considering university, more specifically to the majority of the population now ruling it out. 

​​In favour:

"University broadened their outlook on life, which until University had revolved round their home/town/ peer group of school friends. They met people from all over the UK and beyond and made long term friends. whilst for both of mine it didn’t form their ultimate work choices it, enhanced their employment opportunities and later their decision making for their careers."

"A degree means you start higher up the ladder and can climb higher."

Mixed feelings:

"Depends very much on the course in my opinion. The more vocational the better."

"Completely depends on what they want to do and what course they do, plenty of courses that will get you absolutely nowhere."


"Support of your family and contacts are more important as long as you have brain and willingness to learn."

​"You are left with a load of debt I know you don't pay off until you earn so much. But working from the base up you learn more skills."

How can colleges and universities raise awareness of what they do?