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For the past three years, I have assisted the University of Exeter Business School on its journey towards gaining accreditation from all three of the largest, most influential global business school accreditation bodies in the world. With its distinctive approach to education and research, I have been impressed by the ways in which Exeter consistently demonstrates significant impact and outputs, an experiential learning experience, highly-effective teaching from expert faculty and its deep local, national and global connections with practice.

Exeter is one of many universities which epitomize the very best in business education...Throughout my many years working with universities and business schools, I have been privileged to promote much innovation and excellence, both as an in-house marketing director and consultant. I believe the best business schools share 10 key attributes: relevant programmes; effective teaching; impactful research; global education; engaging learning; outstanding facilities; connections with industry; in-demand graduate skills; preparation for global careers; and responsible business education. There are some amazing stories, successes and achievements out there, which we should champion and raise awareness of among prospective students, now more than ever. You'll fine some of these already featured on

If you think activities within your business school deserve a mention in my business school hall of fame, please get in touch and let me know!